• iSENSYS Takes STEM Robotics to the British Virgin Islands
    In a recent outreach initiative, our iSENSYS team ventured to the pristine shores of the British Virgin Islands, hosting a unique STEM robotics… Read more: iSENSYS Takes STEM Robotics to the British Virgin Islands
  • RoboBoat 2022
    2022 RoboBoat Competition brought together bright and enthusiastic young engineers from all around the world. Every one with their own unique approach to the challenges of this year. One of which was unforgiving Florida heat. Teams from colder parts of the world had to improvise additional cooling methods on site. And most of the refused to function properly out in such a bright sunlight.
  • Meet us at RoboBoat 2022
    We are happy to announce that we will be attending RoboBoat 2022 RoboBoat is an international competition that invites participants to tackle simplified versions of challenges facing the modern maritime industry. These challenges may include coastal surveillance, port security, and oceanographic exploration. Join us on July 2-4 at Nathan Benderson Park | Sarasota, FL