Blue ROV2 in the field

Ready to Dive in 10 min

Blue Robotics ROV2 comes as a build yourself kit.

And while building this kit only takes about 6 hours. And process is perfectly described and illustrated in the tutorials, you might want to choose our ready to dive option. A kit pre built and pressure tested by our team of field specialists.

The kit will include everything you need to take your ROV2 on your first dive.


Your kit will include:

  1. Blue ROV2 Standard Configuration
  2. Phantom Tether 150m on a 150m spool
  3. Battery and a charger
  4. Four Lumen Lights Preinstalled
  5. GoPro Camera Mount
  6. A Transport Case (coming soon)

Something Special You

FieldWerx GoPro camera mount is CnC machined out of specialised marine grade plastic. This insures that no corrosion will eve damage your rig while maintaining smooth operation and superior grip every single time.

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