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Doodle Labs Antennas have been designed to maximize the performance and reliability of the Smart Radio platform. They feature multi-polarization technology to ensure a reliable link even while the antenna orientation rapidly changes in a mobile vehicle use case. Integration is simplified when utilizing both the products in conjunction.



Designed to be installed on mobile robotics where minimal size and weight is a priority.


Maintains a reliable datalink even when a node is pitching and rolling.

Robust construction

Rugged IP67 construction and characterized against several MIL standards.

Ease of Integration

Bendable pigtails and standard SMA connectors, the antennas are versatile and can be configured for optimal mounting.




Transmitting, Receving Antenna Phase Relationships

Wireless radio communication equipment operates most reliably when the path between transmitting and receiving antennas are within an observer’s line of sight (LOS) or where no obstructions exist between antennas to impede the signal. However, such a path rarely exists in areas where most communications take place. Natural and man-made obstructions between antennas, such as widely varying elevations, trees, mountains, buildings and vehicles frequently diminish the strength of a radio signal. These obstructions absorb, reflect, refract, diffract, and scatter the radio waves and alter the radio signal’s polarization (vertically or horizontally polarized E and H-wave fronts) among multiple paths.

The Doodle Labs Antenna are designed and developed to overcome the deficiencies of most classical and less-than optimum performing antennas that are widely produced today. This new design is called the multi-polarized antenna, and it propagates signals with considerably less loss than most other types – regardless of natural or man-made environmental obstructions. The theory behind the antenna’s development is described and supported with experimental data. This antenna concept applies to all wireless communications, which includes all mobile robotics (aerial and ground) in point to point, point to multi-point, and mesh configurations.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in