Bar100 High-Resolution 1000m Depth/Pressure Sensor


This pressure sensor can measure up to 100 Bar (1000m depth) with a depth resolution of 3 cm. It is waterproof and ready to install. This updated version has a stainless steel body and black oxide coating to minimize galvanic corrosion.

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The Bar100 pressure sensor is a high-pressure underwater pressure sensor that is sealed from the water and ready to install in a watertight enclosure on your ROV, AUV, or other project. This sensor can measure depths down to 1000 meters, so you can go deeper than ever before!

The sensor is the Keller LD Series Sealed Gauge pressure/temperature sensor with I2C communication. It has a pressure resolution of 3 mbar, providing a depth measurement resolution of 3 cm in the water column! It operates on 3.3V I2C voltage but can accept power input up to 5.5V, just like the Bar30. It comes standard with a 4-pin DF13 connector that is compatible with most autopilots including the PixHawk and others.

This sensor includes a temperature sensor accurate to ±2°C, with data also accessible through I2C. If you need something with more temperature accuracy, please check out the Celsius Temperature Sensor.

Because of the PEEK body, the Bar100 has a lower installation torque than other M10 bulkheads made of aluminum. Please refer to the technical documents for the recommended installation torque.

This sensor is fully supported in ArduSub and works on the BlueROV2. Please make sure that if you use it with a 5v board, such as the Arduino, that you use a Level Converter.

1 x Bar100 Pressure Sensor
1 x O-ring
1 x Nut

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