Birns Aquamate MC 8-pin Female 24" Pigtail


This 24 inch cable with 8 pin female connector is rugged and predominantly used in oceanographic, environmental monitoring, and military applications. Designed for reliability under challenging conditions, it offers a corrosion-resistant construction with gold-plated contacts, ensuring optimal data and power transmission in subsea environments.

NOTE: Does not include locking sleeve!

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The BIRNS Aquamate Mini-Connectors are superbly tailored for medium power or signaling applications, especially when considering factors such as weight and potential mechanical wear. Expertly molded from high-insulation neoprene, these connectors boast the unique ability to be mated even in wet conditions or while submerged. They also meet most non-magnetic requirements. Male and female versions are available in both bulkhead and in-line configurations. Every Mini-Connector features heat-treated beryllium copper sockets, luxurious gold plating, and durable stainless steel bodies. For enhanced functionality, options are available with water-blocking features, as well as locking sleeves made from robust Delrin or resilient Stainless Steel.

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