Blue ROV 2 Assembly




Professional BlueRobotics BlueROV2 Assembly. Done in iSENSYS lab by certified specialists.

You will get:

  • Assembly of a kit of your choice
    • Complete assembly of your ROV frame and structural components
    • Whirring and electronics tray assembly and testing
    • Companion computer firmware setup
  • Setup and tuning of the vehicle
    • ARDUPilot / PixHawk setup. Compass / IMU calibration
    • Thruster alignment and calibration
    • Controller channel assignment and hover trimming
    • Leak detection system setup (if included)
  • Connecting and testing of accessories
    • Battery balancing and conditioning
    • Luma Led Lights installation (if included)
    • Gripper tool installation (if included)
  • Pressure testing of all components
    • Dry pressure testing 2 hour min.
    • Test tank testing 1 hour min.
  • QC and test card printout