Blue ROV Heavy Rental

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BlueROV Heavy Configuration with iSENSYS Customizations: Featuring 4 high-intensity Lumen Subsea Lights, a detachable 150m tether, and an advanced BAR30 pressure sensor. Perfect for professional underwater explorations and applications.

Rental kit includes:

  • BlueROV2 Heavy
  • 150m detachable tether cable
  • Control Computer + Joystick
  • 2 Li-Po Batteries + Charger
  • ROV travel case
  • Tether travel case
  • Accessories and spares kit


Dive deep into the aquatic world with the BlueROV Heavy Configuration, specially customized with iSENSYS enhancements. This high-performance underwater ROV is perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and expandability. Here’s why our ROV stands out:

  • Advanced Lighting: The unit comes equipped with four Lumen Subsea Lights, each capable of producing over 1500 lumens. With a wide beam angle, these lights are perfect for illuminating vast underwater spaces or for focused observations.
  • Extended Range: The 150m detachable tether allows for deeper dives and extended operations. With the convenience of detachment, transporting the ROV becomes a breeze.
  • Ease of transportation: Our 8-pin SeaCon connectors ensure robust and reliable connections. Whether you’re looking to disconnect or reconnect underwater, wet-mate capability has you covered.
  • Precision Monitoring: The BAR30 pressure sensor offers accurate depth measurements, ensuring you always have precise data on your ROV’s position below the surface.
  • Heavy Configuration: With added thrusters and enhanced buoyancy, our heavy configuration ensures stable and smooth operations, even in challenging conditions. Coupled with the unique iSENSYS customizations, our BlueROV is one of the most advanced units in the market.
  • Safety Note: Given the intensity of the Lumen Subsea Lights, users are advised not to look directly into the lights to prevent potential eye damage.

Whether you’re undertaking a research mission, a salvage operation, or simply exploring the wonders of the deep, our BlueROV Heavy Configuration is the ideal companion for all your underwater adventures. Rent today and experience the deep like never before!

Remember to always ensure safety while operating the ROV and adhere to local regulations and guidelines.