BlueBoat Hull Mount Bushings (6 pcs)


These bushings are important when fastening to the mounting holes at the bottom of the BlueBoat hull. Conforming to the shape of the hull, they distribute the load and help to secure your payload.

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The BlueBoat has several mounting holes available below the waterline that are molded into the hull. You can use these mounting points to carry sensors, sonars, and other payloads. These bushings conform to the unique shape of the mounting holes and, with an M6 screw and nut, securely hold the payload.

These come with other products when needed, like the BlueBoat Payload Bracket, but are available separately here if you make your own payload mounting solution.

The bushings are made of 316 Stainless Steel with a black oxide coating. We recommend using M6 socket head screws with the bushing, but any type of screw can be used.

6 x BlueBoat Hull Mount Bushings

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