BlueROV Battery Cable with Cobalt Connectors


Upgrade your BlueROV with this Cobalt cable set to make your battery field-replaceable!  Uses 4-pin Cobalt connectors with paired wires to give a 40-amp continuous current rating.

Install the bulkhead connector on the Electronics Enclosure and the cable on the Battery Enclosure.

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Cobalt 4-pin bulkhead connector, 100 mm wire length, pre-installed 3.5-mm female bullet connectors
Cobalt 4-pin cable with M10 Simple Penetrator, 190 mm standard OR custom cable length, wires extend 100 mm from Simple Penetrator, pre-installed 3.5-mm male bullet connectors

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 5 in
Technical Details


Depth Rating

600 meters

Operating Temperature

0° C to +50° C


Maximum voltage

300 V

Rated current

40 amps

Wire size

16 AWG (paired)
Wire stranding

4-conductor version: 19/29



316 stainless steel

Cable connector shell

316 stainless steel

Cable connector insert


Cable sockets

gold-plated contact

Cable jacket

95A UV-stabilized polyurethane

wire insulation


O ring


Locking sleeve



Penetrator thread

M10 X 1.5

Penetrator hex

16 mm

Locking sleeve threads

M16 X 1.5

Cable outer diameter

8.0 mm