Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS Integration Kit


Includes everything you need to install the Omniscan 450 Side Scan Sonar on the BlueBoat. This integration kit is included with the sonar when you purchase from Blue Robotics, but it’s available separately as well.

The Omniscan 450 Side Scan Sonar requires an Ethernet Switch for use on the BlueBoat.

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This integration kits includes everything needed to install the Cerulean Omniscan 450 Side Scan Sonar on the BlueBoat. It’s included with the Omniscan when purchased from Blue Robotics, but is also available separately in case you get the sonar directly from Cerulean.

Included are two transducer mounts for the BlueBoat hull, two PCB mounts that fit the BlueBoat’s electronics tray, a few cables, and installation hardware. It also includes a 128 GB microSD card flashed with BlueOS, which gives you enough space to log large sonar data files.

2 x Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS transducer bracket (BR-102204)
2 x Aluminum PCB standoff (BR-102498)
1 x BlueOS 128GB SD card for BlueBoat (BR-102293-002)
1 x Micro-Fit Ethernet cable, 1.1 m (BR-102172)
2 x Micro-Fit to JST GH cable, 0.32 m (BR-102122)
2 x E-Tray transducer cable (BR-102212)
2 x 2-position ferrules to ferrules power cable, 150 mm (BR-102196)
3 x 5A Mini Blade fuse (BR-101401-005)
4 x M5x18 socket head cap screw (BR-101191)
4 x #3×3/8″ button head thread forming screw (BR-101031)
8 x M3x8 socket head cap screw (BR-100989)
8 x 8.5″ cable tie (BR-102154)
4 x BlueBoat Hull Mount Bushing
4 x M6x20 socket head cap screw (BR-102241)
4 x M6 nylon insert lock nut (BR-101258)
2 x -117 bulkhead O-ring (BR-100635-117)
2 x M14 bulkhead nut (BR-100845)