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MASCAT is a robust data-collection catamaran designed for precise water surface missions. It effortlessly handles rough conditions and boasts a large platform for cumbersome payloads. Transportable as airline check-in within a surfboard bag, each unit is custom-built for specific mission needs. Features include a sturdy aluminum hull, 15-minute screw-less assembly, and versatile payload options like water quality sensors and 4K cameras. Average speed of 4 knots with over 12 hours of battery life. Dimensions when deployed: 1100x2000x700 mm.

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The Modular-Autonomous-Surface-Catamaran (MASCAT) is a data collection platform, purpose-built and designed for long-range water surface sampling missions. MASCAT is capable of handling rough surf while maintaining straight tracking, perfect for missions requiring precise or highly-repeatable paths. Its large platform makes MASCAT ideal for large or otherwise cumbersome payloads or sensor packages. Can be transported in a surfing board bag as check in luggage on an airline plane.

Each MASCAT unit is custom built to provide most versatility for specific mission types. With lead time around 1-4 weeks depending on complexity of the payload setup. Rental units are equipped with quick disconnect ports to secure any combination of payloads.



Aluminum hull rated to withstand rough surf

Foldable design fits a surfing board bag

Airline luggage compliant. Carry on batteries, Check in craft

Screw-less 15 minute assembly

Quick Disconnect Accessory Mounting Ports


Payload Options

Manta Water Quality Sensors

AIRMAR Weather Monitoring Station

AXIS PTZ Lazer Focusing 4K Camera

AXIS PTZ  4K Underwater Camera

StarFish 992 SideScan Sonar

Oculus Imaging Sonar




2 Skid Steer Motors

Average speed 4 Knots

2 Li-Fe Batteries

Battery life under average load more than 12Hr

Flight modes

Remote Tele-operated

Waypoint Missions


Weights and dimensions 

Max Payload Weight 40 Lb

Dry Weigh

Gross Weight _____

Deployed Size (W,L,H) 1100x2000x700 mm

Travel Size (W,H,L) 700x2000x300 mm