The NavLight is a bright white LED light that’s visible at night and during the day. It has an input signal that can be controlled by a microcontroller and can be used for USVs, buoys, or underwater with a 1,000 meter depth rating. It has an M14 thread for panel mount installation.80

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Want everybody to know you have a cool USV??? Add the NavLight to be sure to catch their eye!

The NavLight is a high-brightness LED light designed to make USVs, buoys, and other marine craft visible from a long distance. It’s extremely compact with a G4 bulb in an M14 penetrator form factor.

The light runs on 5-12 V, draws up to 2.5 W of power, and outputs approximately 180 lumens of light. Internal circuitry allows it to be controlled by an input signal from a microcontroller like an Arduino or the Navigator Flight Controller so you can turn the light on and off or create flashing signals. If you don’t have a control device, simply connect the input signal to power to turn the light on.

The Navigation Light can also be used in subsea applications and has a 1,000 meter depth rating when installed on an end cap or when coupled with a WetLink Penetrator installed on the end of the cable. That allows you to mount it anywhere on your vehicle—it’s not restricted to use on an enclosure end cap.

The light comes with a 60 cm cable length and O-ring and nut for installation. Check out the usage guide for more details.

Parameter Value
Maximum Rated Depth (seawater) 1000 m 3281 ft
Design Lifetime¹ 3 years or 500 cycles to rated depth
Temperature Rating (air) -25 to 60°C -13 to 140°F
Temperature Rating (water) 0 to 40°C 32 to 104°F
Supply Voltage² (Vin) 5–12 V
Power Draw 2.5 W
Default Mode Normally on
Signal Protocol To turn light off, pull signal (yellow) wire to ground
Signal Max Voltage Input Vin
Signal Max Current Output 1.1 mA
Lumens³ 180 lm
Color Temperature 6000K
Cables and Connectors
Cable Length 400 mm (jacket)
590 mm (red, black conductor)
620 mm (yellow conductor)
Connectors Red (positive): 22 AWG ferrule
Black (negative): 22 AWG ferrule
Yellow (signal): 3 position 0.1″ header
Cable Used BR-101050
Compatible WetLink Penetrator (cable end) WLP-M06-4.5MM-LC
Compatible Bukhead Wrench BR-100977-014
Recommended Installation Torque 3.5 Nm
Recommended Thru Hole Diameter 14.2 mm
Bulkhead Thread M14 x 1.5
Bulkhead Thread Length 30 mm
Bulkhead/Nut Wrench Flats 20 mm
Overall Assembled Height From Endcap 33.7 mm
Overall Outer Diameter 22 mm
Bulkhead/Lens O-ring Size 1.5×15 mm Buna-N 70A
Bulkhead/ Plug Material 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum
Wetted Materials Buna-N Rubber
Molykote 111 Compound
6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum
UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
In Air Weight (no nut) 38 g 1.34 oz
¹ Design life was used to inform testing in an accelerated environment, does not reflect warranty period.
² Light functions up to 6S (25.2V) but signal will not function correctly after 12V.
³ In the horizontal plane.

1 x NavLight
1 x M14 bulkhead nut (BR-100845)
1 x M14 bulkhead O-ring
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