Cerulean Omniscan 450 Side Scan Sonar


This sonar seamlessly integrates with the BlueBoat to provide side scan sonar imaging to help you locate and identify underwater objects and map the seafloor. It comes ready-to-use on the BlueBoat and uses the Cerulean SonarView application in BlueOS for real time data visualization.

Requires an Ethernet Switch for use on the BlueBoat.

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Product Description

The Cerulean Omniscan 450 SS is a side scan sonar ready to integrate on the BlueBoat for real time imaging of the seafloor. It’s the perfect tool for hunting for shipwrecks, marine archeology, ecosystem mapping, and search and recovery.

What is Side Scan Sonar?

A side scan sonar is a type of imaging sonar that allows you to quickly collect imagery of the seafloor to map large areas. The side scan transducers have a narrow, tall beam shape so that when they are mounted to either side of the boat, they have a full 180 degree view under the boat.

When scanning, the transducers emit an acoustic pulse and then record the response as echoes return from the seafloor. That creates a slice of an image and as the boat moves forward, the image is filled in.

This side scan sonar uses 450 kHz transducers, which provide a 150 meter range with detailed resolution.

The Real MVP: SonarView

Using Cerulean’s SonarView application, which is available as a BlueOS Extension, you can visualize the side scan data in real time. Unlike most side scan sonars, which require post processing to georeference the data and create a map, SonarView processes data in real time to make a complete picture of a seafloor area.

SonarView has bottom detection and removal to remove the “blank” space in the middle of the side scan image, and is able to display the vehicle’s position in 3D. It also provides control of the sonar settings and logs data to be replayed later.

As a BlueOS Extension, you can install SonarView with one click and stay up-to-date with the latest release and newest features. Check out the SonarView Demo to replay a log file and get an idea of the user experience.

Built for BlueBoat (but works on BlueROV2 as well!)

The Omniscan 450 SS was designed with the BlueBoat in mind and much of the prototype testing was done with a BlueBoat. It comes with everything needed for a clean integration including pre-installed WetLink Penetrators, transducer mounting brackets, cables, and hardware. The only additional item you’ll need is an Ethernet switch to provide connectivity for the sonar electronics.

The sonar also works on the BlueROV2 if you wish to scan from a subsea vehicle and is rated to a depth of 300 meters. We don’t have an official integration guide for the BlueROV2, so you’ll have to figure out the details of where to mount the electronics inside the enclosure.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 8 in