Pressure Relief Valve


The Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) automatically releases any excess pressure built up inside a watertight enclosure. It works automatically, but it can also be opened manually or used to perform a vacuum test on your enclosure! We strongly recommend using the PRV on our locking watertight enclosures.

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The Pressure Relief Valve is an important safety mechanism for our locking watertight enclosures and also adds a few features to the enclosures.

Why is it needed for safety? Our watertight enclosures have come with a manual vent that has worked great for years. But, our next generation watertight enclosures have a locking cord that secures the flange to the tube and prevents the end cap from coming off.

In the rare situation that an excessive amount of pressure builds up in the tube it can create an unsafe situation and/or damage to the enclosure. Pressure build-up could be due to the buildup of gasses from a chemical reaction like something catching on fire, or from a slow leak into the enclosure while at depth followed by a quick return to the surface. The PRV automatically releases any excess pressure built up inside a watertight enclosure. It works automatically to relieve pressure, and it also works manually, like our original vent.

The PRV has an M10 thread so that it can be mounted to any of our watertight enclosure end caps. It can be used in a few different ways:

  • Fully-assembled, it will automatically release excess pressure
  • The blue plug section can be unscrewed to manually release pressure or attach a vacuum adapter
  • A backfill adapter can be attached to the PRV, allowing it to be sealed at vacuum or to be filled with an inert gas like nitrogen

Each PRV is assembled and tested during production to ensure each unit releases at the correct pressure.

The PRV is designed to work with the updated Vacuum Plug and Backfill Adapter. Check out those product pages for more details and usage guides! Note that if you already have a vacuum plug, you will need the updated version to be compatible with the PRV.

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