Scientific Data Collection Buoy Rental

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iSENSYS Scientific Data Collection Buoy Rental.

You can rent up to 120 buoys depending on the availability on selected dates.

Kit includes:

  • iSENSYS Scientific Data Collection Buoys
  • Setup and Operational instruction manuals
  • Accessories and spares kit
  • Access to SAM (Scientific Asset Manager) software for the duration of the project
  • Unlimited lifetime access to Data Set collected over the duration of the project

Kit ships on a pallet/s unless specifically requested otherwise or can be picked up locally in Melbourne, Florida.

By default all buoys are equipped with satellite modems ready to start transmitting once in the water. In most parts of the world there are at least 4-5 windows of satellite communication daly.  If the deployment location has a solid LTE coverage modems can be swapped over to LTE modems. This will enable monitoring without any delay and real time asset tracking.




Shifting from traditional single-source sensors, iSENSYS introduces the power of collective data. The concept is simple yet revolutionary: multiple assets working in unison can provide enhanced data accuracy and richer insights. Triangulating readings from various points, the system can pinpoint anomalies, understand trends, and accelerate response times. This multi-source approach is made feasible due to the iSENSYS’s cost-efficient design, allowing for a widespread deployment of assets.

iSENSYS Data Collection Buoy: A state-of-the-art scientific buoy that offers an affordable yet advanced solution to marine data collection.

  • Metrics¬†Available:
    • Environmental: Wave Height, Current, Ambient Light, Air and Water Temperature, pH, ORP, Turbidity, Transmissivity, Dissolved Oxygen (both concentration & saturation), Depth, Barometric Pressure, Total Dissolved Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Wind Chill Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point Temperature, and Photometric PAR.
    • Chemicals & Elements: Chlorophyll a-blue & red, Rhodamine dye, Phycocyanin (freshwater BGA), CDOM/FDOM, Optical Brightener, Tryptophan, Fluorescein dye, PTSA, Refined & Crude Oil, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Sodium, Calcium, Bromide.
    • Systems & Signals: Timestamp, Signal to Noise, Messages in Queue, Battery Voltage, Magnetic Compass Heading, Heading Relative to True North, GPS Coordinates.
  • Connectivity and Power:
    • Solar-Powered: Designed with sustainable solar panels, ensuring continuous operation indefinitely.
  • Unique Selling Point:
    • Cost-Efficiency: Priced at a fraction of typical data buoys, allowing for extensive deployment and thereby offering redundant, error-corrected, and heatmap data.
    • SAM Integration: Seamlessly integrated with SAM (Scientific Asset Manager), a sophisticated web interface and application designed to analyze, compare, and manage your data sets and buoy assets.

Unlock the power of collective data with iSENSYS Data Collection Buoy, where precision meets affordability, and innovation meets feasibility.