Wearable Smart Radio

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Designed to bring the remote workers onto the fast private wireless mesh network.

Built-in mobile WiFi hotspot allows you to connect any smart device and extend the team collaboration into the field. The Wearable Smart Radios enable teams to improve productivity and collaborate.

The Wearable Smart Radios are smaller than a smartphone, making it easy to carry. It includes GPS and an Altimeter for positioning data that enables greater situational awareness across the mesh network.



Maximize Team

Use standard apps for video, voice calls, and IMs. Use your company’s productivity enhancing workflows from the remote jobsites on a fast, private wireless mesh network.

Off-grid Communication

Mesh Rider enables unprecedented team communication with remote field workers using the standard smartphones and tablets.

Seamless integration with the Civilian and Government Team Awareness Kit (TAK) framework.


In this example of a construction site, operators work alongside autonomous construction vehicles and drones. The Smart Radio – Wearable enables seamless coordination between humans and robots across the mesh network. Realize the increased efficiency, safety, lower risk, and reduced operating costs.

OEM Form Factor

Take advantage of all of the features of the Wearable Smart Radios and integrate them into your mobile robotics systems with the OEM version.


USB-PD compliant USB-C port for use of low cost battery packs. The Wearable supports direct connection to even the Conformal Wearable Batteries (CWB).

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in

Mobile Mesh Waveform Mesh Rider. Self-forming and self-healing, multi-hop relay network Private Network Range Up to 1.5 Km with embedded antennas, Up to 10 Km with attached antennas and up to 100 Km with external antennas WiFi Hotspot Allows any smartphone, tablet or notebook computer to access the Mesh Rider Private Wireless Network Throughput Up to 100 Mbps Power Source 4.5-24V, USB-PD compliant. Can be powered by USB-C port of mobile devices, batteries and many other power sources Operating Time Up to 10 hours of video conferencing with just a 40W battery pack Interfaces Long Range Mesh Rider, WiFi, USB, Ethernet, UART, GPIO, GPS, Altimeter, Embedded and External antennas Dimensions 135 x 70 x 22 mm (5¼” x 2¾” x 7/8”), 245 grams (8.6 Oz)