Birns Aquamate 8-pin Female Dummy Connector


The 8-pin female dummy plug for the BIRNS Aquamate Mini-Connector ensures protection against environmental hazards and unwanted debris. Precision-crafted, it guarantees optimal fit, guarding against water and corrosion. A pivotal accessory for maintaining connection integrity

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The 8-pin female dummy plug designed for the BIRNS Aquamate Mini-Connector is an essential accessory for those aiming to maintain and protect their connections. Crafted with precision, this plug serves as a reliable protective measure against environmental elements, debris, and potential damage when the connector is not in active use. Its robust construction ensures a tight fit, preventing water intrusion and corrosion. With its 8-pin configuration, it aligns seamlessly with the Mini-Connector, making it a must-have for those invested in preserving the integrity and longevity of their equipment.

Birns PN:  MCDC8F