Omniscan 450 FS


The Omniscan 450 FS is ideally suited for forward looking ROV applications. The transducer and electronics are housed in a single enclosure with Ethernet + power interface. Two enclosure options are available for 100m or 300m depth rating.

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As the ROV or surface vessel moves, SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions.

In the case of a surface vessel with GPS or an ROV with DVL, scanning is translational as well as rotational. A key feature of the Omniscan 450 is its integration via SonarView with the vehicle’s MAVLINK data stream. Using the vehicle’s attitude and location information, SonarView displays each ping in its correct absolute orientation and position.

In scenarios where there is no MAVLINK position data, SonarView can still use Omniscan’s built in IMU to correctly position each ping with respect to heading. With Omniscan and SonarView, you see the geometrically correct image live in real time.

Animated screen capture of SonarView illustrating how vehicle motion scans the seafloor.

Forward Scanning

Using Omniscan 450 FS on an ROV, the scanning is under the direct control of the ROV driver so that they can focus on specific areas of interest rather than waiting for a mechanical scanning sonar to slowly come around to sweep the particular sector they want to see. Using the “Heading Up” mode in SonarView makes this manual scanning very intuitive and provides excellent situational awareness.

Rendering of Omniscan 450 FS with optional mounting bracket on a BlueROV2.

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Omniscan 450 FS – 100m rated, Omniscan 450 FS – 300m rated